I’m on a journey… and I like it.

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what a great saying.

it inspires me.

to keep on keeping on.

remember to visit me at www.cookiesareforbreakfast.com if you are hungry.

or see my pinterest foodie cravings on www.pinterest.com/hellotracy.

i’m hungry just typing it.

here’s to a fun weekend ahead.

happy Friday!


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Proud MOM moment

This is my girl.

Okay, our girl.

Love her.  So very proud of her.

Congrats Brooke Camille Fisher.

You did it!




I love you,


p.s.  Happy Thursday!

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My life.  My story.

I am sure you have been thinking I left this blog.



Just took a break for the following reasons…

1) Our daughter got to spend a month in Seoul, Korea and I flew over to spend a few days and bring her home.

I am so very proud of that girl!

2) My husband got a new job in December.  And then a new job again a few weeks ago.  He’s currently the GM at Destination Harley Davidson in Silverdale, WA.

Long, long story.

All good.

Need a Harley?  Look him up next week at www.silverdaleharley.com.  They are still in the process of getting his photo and his story on the site.

3) Our son is busy. busy. busy.  Baseball.  Girlfriend (yes, 13 is too young… but she’s a sweety… according to his instagram that I hacked into… busted!).  And a social life that requires me to add “chauffeur” to my resume.

4) We cheered on the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS win at the 2014 Super Bowl.

We did not actually go to NJ/NY….  We went to various parties.  Had lots of fun.  Then I caved when the kids asked me to take them to the parade (which required me calling their schools to get a day off… and standing in 30 degree weather with one million other people doing the same thing).  So much fun.  An experience I will never forget.

Thank you kids for reminding me sometimes you “just gotta play”.

4) And last, but certainly not least… I started a new website.

I discovered that I am a FOODIE!

I wrote a little cookbook.  Filled with my favorite recipes from family and friends.

And decided it was time to offer it online.

I can’t wait for my fellow FOODIE PEEPS to follow me at


You see, my son only eats cookies for breakfast.

Every day.  For years.  I’m serious.

So I had to come up with a semi hearty Monster Cookie.  Yes it has M&M’s and a few chocolate chips… but it’s also loaded with oatmeal, eggs and peanut butter.

That’s how the site got started.

And I will tell you more about it later.

5) Oh, I guess there is one more thing.

I am still painting.

Very limited though.

If you are interested in something, please email me at:


I will get back to you eventually :) .  I promise!

So much more to tell.

But I will save it for later.

I’ll post photos of the events above within the next week.

And fill you in on the rest as it happens.

Until then,
Enjoy your evening.

And tomorrow… feel free to have a cookie for breakfast!

Happy Wednesday.


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HELLO 2014…….

I should have paid more attention in Computer Science 101 in 1082.

I should not have lost the manual to this new tablet.

I should go buy a mouse because this new keyboard is tiny.

I should have been updating my blog these past few weeks.


My word to laugh at in 2014.

Many things to tell you.

Next week I will fill you in on my happenings.

until then…

I SHOULD go hang out with my family and enjoy my evening.

Happy Thursday.

- Tracy

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Magically delicious…

Had all of the ingredients for Rice Krispie cookies.

Uh Oh…

Thought I did.

No Rice Krispies.

But I did have Lucky Charms.

Same recipe as on back of marshmallow bag.

3 or 4 T. butter. Melt in pan. Add 1 regular bag mini marshmallows. Stir until smooth. Take off burner. Add dry cereal. Mix. Butter hands and press into buttered pan. Eat. Yum!

Just as delicious!

Trust me.

I just ate 2.

Magically disappearing by our 13 year old at this moment.

Happy Wednesday.


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Good things.



Or just enough?

God takes care of our timing.

And that is fine with me.

Happy Tuesday.


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God bless our table…

The other night all four of us sat around our table.

Okay, it was the coffee table.  In front of the TV.

Because our kitchen table was piled high with stuff.

But regardless, we sat together.

And ate dinner.

Take out.  Taco Time.

And that’s when I realized again how lucky I am.

God bless our table of 4.

Happy Monday.


Art by me.  tfisherart.com

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Hang on…

Hang on.

That’s what I keep telling myself lately.

You want to know why I have not been blogging lately?

Here’s why…

See this kid?

Yep.  Staples in his head.

A wall.  A dog.  And a friend.  That’s all it took.  BOYS!

Not bad.  Just a long night at the emergency room.

See this dirt bike?

Actually it’s not the reason he had staples put in his head.

But it did injure someone…

See my husband on a big dirt bike?

This is the size of bike he is supposed to ride.

Well, he decided to warm up the little dirt bike above.

Yes, the one that is about 2 feet off the ground.

The one that is technically too small for our soon to be 13 year old.


Actually it’s no laughing matter.

1 broken collar bone.

4 fractured ribs.

A week off of work.

Many doctor visits.  Yes, this whole healthcare system has taken on a whole new meaning.  When you have to go “in network” and the surgeon cannot even see you even though he is in the building… and you have to go to an “out of network” surgeon to get a real answer on what to do…. that is frustrating!

Almost as frustrating as my husband who has set up his PATIENT (as we call him now) sofa in the middle of the family room.  Sports on 24/7.  Painkillers keeping him asleep.  But don’t change the channel….  You get it!

In all seriousness… I am just thankful it wasn’t worse.

And he did swear off riding a mini dirt bike EVER AGAIN.

But that’s not all…


This girl got a job.

In another country.

And I have to accompany her.

Because she is only 16.

Not 29, like this photo looks!

But we are so very proud of her.

When we return she will be able to share lots of stories I am sure.

Until then…

I’ve told Mason to stay away from corner walls and Greg to stay off of mini dirt mikes.

Hopefully they will listen.

Happy Tuesday.

-Tracy (aka Super Mom for the moment)

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Do your thing girl…

I wish I had come up with this quote myself.

It’s what I’d like to say to both of my kids right now.

As they make their decisions, it’s important to keep trying.

Keep the faith.

Know that sometimes really cool things happen when you least expect it.

And especially to my daughter.

Keep it going, girl.

You got it!

And I saw it, even though I was hiding behind the screen.  Thanks for letting me come out and take a few photos from my smudged iphone.  One day I will own a cool camera… I promise.

I love you!


PS.. Happy Thursday
HAIR and MAKEUP by Vanita Sloan
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I always save my fortunes.

I keep them on my counter.

The other day I put them all in a pile and read them.

It looks like some good luck is in my future.

That’s what the fortune said!!

And I’ve started to notice a few things happening that others would call lucky.  Nothing big.  Just little moments that I realize are really quite spectacular.  I call it waiting for the good to happen.  Patience.  And working hard to get those things you want.  It’s what we try to preach to our kids.

I can’t wait to see what else is coming our way!

But until then, I will keep working at it.

Happy Wednesday.


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